First day

I am feeling very positive. I am ready. I am mentally prepared. I will crack this!

So far today has been a brilliant day. Vanilla and strawberry protein shake for breakfast. With a bit of extra fibre, which I can already tell it is working. I cannot remember the last time that my bowels were so active (in a kind of weird but nice way).

A lovely fizz stick at mid morning. It is refreshing and actually has helped forget the fact that so far I have not had any solid good yet.

For lunch an amazing chocolate protein shake. As a chocoholic, I can confirm this is pure bliss! Chocolate flavour at its best!

I am salivating now, just thinking about it…

Another fizz stick at mid afternoon. Fruity, refreshing and full of flavour. So far I really like the pomegranate (from the 2 flavours, I have tasted today, I know…).

After work, when I have arrived home and change from my uniform, it is my weak spot. Usually I just snack non-stop while the kids do some homework before evening activities/clubs. However today, I was not hungry. In fact, I felt fine and moreover not controlled by food. But just in case, I have taken the digestion plus stick with a glass of water. Not horrible flavour, but I would not choose it as a favourite either. And I have made myself a lovely cuppa with the Arbonne herbal tea.

And my cuppa and me have left the kitchen (not hungry, but I don’t need to be facing the temptation all the time either). It must be the first time, that I have sat on the sofa and relax 20mins while watching the news on the TV. Even my children asked me what is going on. My answer? It is my time, time for me to slow down and relax and I am liking it.

Definitely so far, 10 out of 10. More days like today!