The start

I am a firm believer of accurate documentation. It might be my most scientific part of me or it might be my need to find a purpose for everything. Nevertheless, I knew from the beginning that this journey would require to document everything. And, unfortunately, when I say everything, I mean it.

Therefore, the moment has arrived. Deep breath. My starting point measures:

Arm 33cm
Bust 112cm
Waist 122cm
Hips 124cm
Thigh 70cm

Weight 92.2kgs (14.52 stones, if we speak in old money).

I am sure there is more than one eyebrow so uplifted that it is almost falling out of the face. But I am also sure that others are just impassable due to not being able to visualize the meaning of those measurements. That is why I have decided to help you (and me) to visualize the reality of these measurements.

Believe me, this is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. But i am very conscious that if I want this journey to be positive, healthy, safe, empowering and life changing; I have to be honest with myself and face the shocking reality.

Now that my eyes are fully open and I have stopped making excuses to not face the reality. Now that I have overcome the understandable panic stage which is the aftermath of the reality wave. Now that I am fully aware of my starting point, now is when I am prepared to really start my journey. A journey that will focus on the Arbonne 30 day plan to start with and will develop from there.

I am confident that I have chosen the best journey partner for the first part of my journey and I am also confident that Arbonne will help me find a healthier me starting from the inside.


The research

The starting point to my journey to a healthier lifestyle is of course my not so healthy diet.

I started researching different kind of diets over internet. I was amazed with the massive amount of diets that are arround and the amount of them that claim to be the ultimate diet. Some of them seemed just a totalitarian restriction of food with no consideration whatsover about the health of the individual. Others seemed to have considered its nutritional value, but when looking for testimonials the majority had gained the weight back after stopping the diet.

So I moved my research efforts to something more effective and safer for my health. Find a healthy nutrition plan appropriate for me and adaptable to my lifestyle. After lots of different approaches, I came accross with Arbonne. Arbonne’s products claimed to be high quality plant-based all rounded nutritional products.

During the research, I have learnt not to trust only the information from the product official sites. But I was surprised to find out that independent researchers and food and nutrition auditors confirm Arbonne’s claims. The product quality had already convinced me.

Now I had to find how to buy them, how to get support for my journey, etc. And that is how I met the Arbonne consultant that introduce me to that new world. To the possibility of a new lifestyle, healthier, safer and more beneficial for my body and for my mind.

Now, I was ready to start my journey. Let’s enjoy it together!


The revelation

I am living an unhealthy life.

Being a nurse with 15years experience, you would assume that this is not a possibility. A nurse knows exactly how to care for people. A nurse knows exactly which lifestyle is benefitial and which is not. But the reality is I am obese, unfit and always tired.

It may sound common and not like a big deal. I know. But when I was unable to walk at the same pace as my 9 year old daughter. When I was unable to stay awake and watch a film with my 12 year old son on a Friday evening. And when the nurse uniform started to looked like big flaggs instead of a uniform. I knew that something had to change.

I spend every minute of my day caring for people, at work and at home. But no time at all caring for myself. And if I was not caring for myself, how long until I could not care for anybody else?

Not the future I have pictured on my head. So something had to change. And that something is me! Why do I have to content myself with a life of tiredness, pain and unhappiness?

There you go! There it is! The revelation! The starting point for my journey to a healthier me.

I am committed, confident and ready to pursue that journey and to make it a positive experience for me, my family and friends. Ready to find a healthier and happier version of myself.


The beginning

I am 37 years old and believe it or not I have had a revelation – how original, isn’t it?

However to my own despair it is true and lucky you I am ready to share with you all ins and outs, all ups and downs and all smiles and tears from my journey.

You might be thinking now “Oh no! Not one of these bloggs”. However, please bear with me, as I am sure you or someone you know might relate to my journey and the struggles that I will face during it.

Reason why I decided to share my journey in an honest and open way. All constructive discussions and comments are more than appreciate it and actually encourage it, please.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me and you are as excited as I am to hear (read) all about it.

My next post will explain in depth my not-so-original revelation situation and why I am starting this journey.