Starting a new path on my journey!

After my nutrition journey which you have been able to follow here, I feel so empowered and so powerful that I have decided to embark in a new path to get closer to my journey goal: a healthier me.

Everyone knows that to be healthier you require nutrition and fitness. I have definitely achieved the first requirement with Arbonne nutrition range. Which I still use in a daily basis and I love it. They make me feel amazing and my body is definitely changing! However, fitness-wise it is a different story…

When I was a teenager I played basketball and competed at swimming. I was fit and I felt I could eat the world! Although that might also be the teenager mind! But then, university, work, family, children, and a long etcetera happened in my life and exercising got dumped down the priority list. Every day it was further down the list until it was not even on the list.

But this is going to change! And as I did with my nutrition path, I am researching several exercise plan to find the one that would fit better in my lifestyle. I am very aware that I am not going to run a marathon tomorrow and that a gym session will put me off before even starting. I am aware of my limitations and that is why research is crucial. I do not want to set myself to fail by aspiring to achieve impossible goals. Keeping it real is paramount!

I will document this new path as I did with my nutrition path as it is all part of my journey to a healthier me.


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