The last week

It is here! Last week of the Arbonne 30-day to a healthy living plan is here. And to be honest and to my most absolute surprise, I am not happy about it ending. It has been an amazing journey!

I feel better than ever, inside and out. I have learned to look at life with positivity and optimism. I am sure that the endorphins now regularly released within my body (thanks to healthier and happier bacteria in my guts) have lots to do with this change.

I have also understood that I do not need to be constantly tired, even if I have a hectic life! Getting energy from plant-based nutritious sources is much more beneficial than nasty full of chemicals energy drinks. And to my despair, I used to drink at least one of those canned venom a day! I am disgusted just to think about it…

I am in love with my new me! I feel so grateful to Arbonne for its amazing products and its amazing values. But most importantly, I feel so grateful with myself for taking the chance to change, to develop, to grow and specially to love and proactively seek my own wellbeing.

I am very satisfied with this healthier and happier me. I am excited to see what the future holds as I am determined to continue this amazing journey to a healthier me and to continue to share it with all its ups and downs! I am passionate about my own personal development and about creating a healthy lifestyle for me and my family. I am even more passionate about helping others do the same and independently of your reasoning for starting and following your journey to a healthier life, I am ready to support you and your journey. Together we are stronger!


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