The change is being noticed

I always thought that I did not really care about other people’s opinions. In fact this journey has made me realise that whatever I would like to achieve in life has to come from me and has to be right for me. It is good, healthy and highly effective to stop and reflect on your goals in life.

Are your goals really from you and for you? If they are, congratulations. You are a truly strong and free soul in this world. However if they are not, don’t panic. You are not alone.

My journey to a healthier me it is not only weight management, it is also emotional healing and putting in place resources that would prevent me falling on the darkness again.

Thanks to the Arbonne healthy living plan, I am learning to nurture my body, to listen to its needs and to give my body the paramount importance that it has. But I am also experiencing a massive improvement on my energy levels, my focus and my mood. And to be honest, that is the part that I am loving the most.

People around me, family, friends, work colleagues, they have all started to notice the changes. Not only the weight loss (which I am also very proud off), but mainly my possitivity and my new take on life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a happy life, I have a lovely family and I have a great life. But I have had some darkness, like everyone else. However, recently that darkness was becoming the norm instead of the exception and it was just dragging me down.

But not anymore! I am in control of my life.

My journey is giving me a healthier lifestyle, which I love, and a healthier mindset, which I am falling in love more and more every second.

Happy to share some of my experiences and very happy to share the amazing business that is facilitating my incredible journey.


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