The fight against emotional eating

I don’t really know how to start this post. It is difficult for me to share this, but if I want to keep true to myself and to keep true to this journey, I need to post it.

There is no easy way to describe emotional eating, same as there is no easy way to describe emotional shopping. For me, food has been a way to seek comfort. Unfortunately, I find more comfort on greasy, salty or sugary food than on healthy food.

I do not think I am addicted to crap food. However I tend to look for it when I have had a crap day…

Working as a nurse in an intermediate management position means that coping with increasing demands, juggling workload pressures and enduring the backlash of unpopular decisions is the norm. Some people might think: well, that comes with the job. And it is true. However most people misses the toxicity of that. Whilst pressure is part of the job, coping with rumours, manipulated facts and specific staff trying to bring you down via damaging your professional reputation, should never be accepted as part of the job.

Thanks to the Arbonne 30-day plan to healthy living and beyond, I am learning again to love and care about my body. To nourish my body and feed my body with healthy food which will give me the most nutrients, energy and health.

But that is only one part of the picture. I also need to work on how certain toxic people and certain toxic environments in my life are affecting me. This is going to be a big challenge. But paramount if I want to be a healthier me.

I am quite lucky to have been able to attend staff support services for NHS staff. They are an amazing service and I cannot recommend it enough. I learnt so much about myself (and still learning), but mainly I have learnt to listen to myself. To not take my resilience for granted and to take time everyday to listen to my feelings and to how certaing people and certain situations make me feel. Sometimes I fo not have the answer, and that is absolutely fine. I do not need all the answers. I just need the commitment to keep working on finding them.

I would like to recommend the following book, which is the most honest and direct that I have ever read about the subject:

You cannot always detach yourself from toxic relationships, however you can learn how to cope with them.


2 thoughts on “The fight against emotional eating

  1. I like how you’re always honest in your blogs, and you’re not afraid to be open with your readers. Sending lots of positive energy your way!

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