The detox week

If you said to me those words in that order a few weeks ago, I would have run in the opposite direction before you even finished the sentence. Now, after finishing my first ever detox week, I feel better than ever. I am prepared to take on the world!

The beauty of this 30-day to healthy living, is that I am not only following instructions, I am actually learning to listen to my body. Sounds cheesy, I know. But it is the reality. I am learning to hydrate my body more frequently to ensure that when I am hungry, I am actually hungry. I am learning that clean eating helps my body to digest in an easier more effective way. Less bloating, more energy! I am learning that taking care of your body starts with the inside.

And what is more of “the inside” than your guts? That is precisely the focus of the detox week. Cleaning your guts to ensure they are as healthy as possible. It is like a car engine, you know. When a car engine is rusty or greasy in certain parts, makes the engine work harder to produce the same result. And yes a rusty engine can still make the car move, but why compromise it? Why make it work harder? It does not seem like the best option isn’t it?

I was very sceptical on day 1 of the detox week. I thought: there is no way that this very pleasant lemony gingery drink will do anything to my body. By day 3, I thought: where has my tummy gone? Love it! Literally love it! Not too strong to ensure you are not an slave of your own toilet routine, but strong enough to notice a real change.

Not afraid of embarking on a detox werk anymore, in fact looking forward to the next one!


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