The second week

Amazingly the second week of the plan has been a walk in the park! Literally (well, actually not literally, but you get the gist).

My body has embedded the routine of the plan and I have started to notice changes. My tummy feels better, less bloated. My energy levels are rocket high. I am loving it! My kids have noticed it as well. I am not the grumpy dwarf in the mornings anymore (I am not the cheshire cat either, let’s be honest). I feel more rested and ready to take face on the challenges of the day.

My skin is also feeling it. Not a single spot in the last 2 weeks! I am greatly surprised. But that is not it, not a single cold sore either! My body is definitely healthier, more in tune and happier. Yes, you heard it. I believe my body is happier. I am feeding my body with high quality plant-based products. I have eliminated several allergens from my diet and although I have not gone vegan, I have certainly reduced meat intake thanks to the amazing recipes shared on the Arbonne 30-day plan facebook group.

I am feeling very positive this week and that is a very empowering feeling that has evaded me for far too long. I am fully committed with this plan. Not because others expected me to lose weight or to look like this or like that, no. Because it makes me feel me again. This is definitely for me and because of me.

Moving forward with a clear goal: a healthier me!


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