First week, first struggles

I have completed the first week of the Arbonne 30-day plan. I am happy about my determination and overall positive attitude. However, there has been some difficulties that have definitely test my determination and commitment.

I am going to focus first on the positive aspects of this plan. The products are amazing! Easy to prepare, nice flavours and they keep me full. Another part that I really love is the freedom that they give you. You can prepare a shake anywhere or have a fizz stick on the go in your water bottle.

I have underestimated the satisfying feeling of freedom and definitely the power of kitchen cabinets. I know. You might be thinking: what on earth is she talking about? Let me explain. I am very sense driven with lots of emotional influence (lovely sentence, isn’t it?). Basically means that when I smell hot food, I tend to want it although 9 out of 10 times I am not even hungry. Or when I am stressed or angry, I look for food, sometimes I don’t even realise until I am already eating. But, if I am not going to the kitchen (work or home), I am not seeing or smelling the food. Therefore, the kitchen cabinets are not able to “call me” anymore, losing their power over me. To the point that now I am not even tempted when I fill my shaker with water at the work kitchen. I can say I am happier thanks to my new found freedom!

Unfortunately, like in any journey, it is not all nice and smooth. But I am a firm believer that you learn more from struggles and challenges than from smooth paths. My big struggle this week has been the nice weather. Nice weather at my home means BBQ time. And although we also cooked lean meat like chicken and we also cooked lovely asparagus and peppers, my eyes were continuously roaming the table eyeing all those things that are not in the plan but are part of any BBQ table. Believe it or not, my major temptation was All-i-oli (typical Catalan sauce similar to garlic mayo). At the end, I had a spoon of it. And after eating it, I started feeling guilt and shame. Usually those feelings start a domino effect on me and I eat even more unhealthy under the worthless excuse of: you have already eaten unhealthy, you will start again on Monday.

This time was different. This time I made a conscious effort of stopping the hamster wheel and I followed the advice from the Arbonne 30-day plan group coach (one of the perks of having a facebook group lead by an experienced Arbonne consultant). The advice was so simple that seems silly: enjoy the food, calm down, have an Arbonne herbal tea cup and remember why you started the plan in the first place.

Simple, isn’t it? And felt so natural, as well. What is more natural than having a cup of tea when you are worrying? Exactly! A step back, a lovely cup of tea and a bit of room for reflection is all we need sometimes. It was definitely what I needed to continue positive and strong on this brilliant journey.


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