The start

I am a firm believer of accurate documentation. It might be my most scientific part of me or it might be my need to find a purpose for everything. Nevertheless, I knew from the beginning that this journey would require to document everything. And, unfortunately, when I say everything, I mean it.

Therefore, the moment has arrived. Deep breath. My starting point measures:

Arm 33cm
Bust 112cm
Waist 122cm
Hips 124cm
Thigh 70cm

Weight 92.2kgs (14.52 stones, if we speak in old money).

I am sure there is more than one eyebrow so uplifted that it is almost falling out of the face. But I am also sure that others are just impassable due to not being able to visualize the meaning of those measurements. That is why I have decided to help you (and me) to visualize the reality of these measurements.

Believe me, this is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. But i am very conscious that if I want this journey to be positive, healthy, safe, empowering and life changing; I have to be honest with myself and face the shocking reality.

Now that my eyes are fully open and I have stopped making excuses to not face the reality. Now that I have overcome the understandable panic stage which is the aftermath of the reality wave. Now that I am fully aware of my starting point, now is when I am prepared to really start my journey. A journey that will focus on the Arbonne 30 day plan to start with and will develop from there.

I am confident that I have chosen the best journey partner for the first part of my journey and I am also confident that Arbonne will help me find a healthier me starting from the inside.


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