The research

The starting point to my journey to a healthier lifestyle is of course my not so healthy diet.

I started researching different kind of diets over internet. I was amazed with the massive amount of diets that are arround and the amount of them that claim to be the ultimate diet. Some of them seemed just a totalitarian restriction of food with no consideration whatsover about the health of the individual. Others seemed to have considered its nutritional value, but when looking for testimonials the majority had gained the weight back after stopping the diet.

So I moved my research efforts to something more effective and safer for my health. Find a healthy nutrition plan appropriate for me and adaptable to my lifestyle. After lots of different approaches, I came accross with Arbonne. Arbonne’s products claimed to be high quality plant-based all rounded nutritional products.

During the research, I have learnt not to trust only the information from the product official sites. But I was surprised to find out that independent researchers and food and nutrition auditors confirm Arbonne’s claims. The product quality had already convinced me.

Now I had to find how to buy them, how to get support for my journey, etc. And that is how I met the Arbonne consultant that introduce me to that new world. To the possibility of a new lifestyle, healthier, safer and more beneficial for my body and for my mind.

Now, I was ready to start my journey. Let’s enjoy it together!


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