The revelation

I am living an unhealthy life.

Being a nurse with 15years experience, you would assume that this is not a possibility. A nurse knows exactly how to care for people. A nurse knows exactly which lifestyle is benefitial and which is not. But the reality is I am obese, unfit and always tired.

It may sound common and not like a big deal. I know. But when I was unable to walk at the same pace as my 9 year old daughter. When I was unable to stay awake and watch a film with my 12 year old son on a Friday evening. And when the nurse uniform started to looked like big flaggs instead of a uniform. I knew that something had to change.

I spend every minute of my day caring for people, at work and at home. But no time at all caring for myself. And if I was not caring for myself, how long until I could not care for anybody else?

Not the future I have pictured on my head. So something had to change. And that something is me! Why do I have to content myself with a life of tiredness, pain and unhappiness?

There you go! There it is! The revelation! The starting point for my journey to a healthier me.

I am committed, confident and ready to pursue that journey and to make it a positive experience for me, my family and friends. Ready to find a healthier and happier version of myself.


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