Starting a new path on my journey!

After my nutrition journey which you have been able to follow here, I feel so empowered and so powerful that I have decided to embark in a new path to get closer to my journey goal: a healthier me.

Everyone knows that to be healthier you require nutrition and fitness. I have definitely achieved the first requirement with Arbonne nutrition range. Which I still use in a daily basis and I love it. They make me feel amazing and my body is definitely changing! However, fitness-wise it is a different story…

When I was a teenager I played basketball and competed at swimming. I was fit and I felt I could eat the world! Although that might also be the teenager mind! But then, university, work, family, children, and a long etcetera happened in my life and exercising got dumped down the priority list. Every day it was further down the list until it was not even on the list.

But this is going to change! And as I did with my nutrition path, I am researching several exercise plan to find the one that would fit better in my lifestyle. I am very aware that I am not going to run a marathon tomorrow and that a gym session will put me off before even starting. I am aware of my limitations and that is why research is crucial. I do not want to set myself to fail by aspiring to achieve impossible goals. Keeping it real is paramount!

I will document this new path as I did with my nutrition path as it is all part of my journey to a healthier me.



What a month! As soon as the holidays season started I started to lose my determination. Keeping on track has been a constant challenge….

But on the bright side, I have loved every minute of the amazing quality time that I have been lucky to spend with my husband and friends whilst my lovely children have been visiting the family in Spain.

It has been an amazing summer for the whole family and amazing quality time to build on my resilience through mindfulness and self-esteem.

Back to the routine next week. That is going to be harsh. Because although I have been working as normal, the evenings and weekends have been quite different to the norm.

I am ready for it! No blues, no sadness, let’s keep the happy feeling intact and be enthusiastic for the future!


The journey continues

I have finished the 30-day to healthy living plan and I have decided to continue on this pathway!

I am loving my energy levels, focus and positivity! I feel better than ever and ready to face any challenges that await behind the corner.

It seems the easiest decision ever, however it has taken me years and lots of self-development to understand that it is healthy to make my own needs a priority.

Taking real care of myself allows me to be in a better position to take care of those around me. It seems simple and at the same time so far away from people’s minds that it is almost utopian.

The time is now!

My time is now!

Your time is now!

Enjoy your life, love your life and if there is even the tinniest but on this affirmation, be proactive. Change whatever is preventing you from embracing and loving your life fully. Take control of you life and face your fears. You can do it!


The last week

It is here! Last week of the Arbonne 30-day to a healthy living plan is here. And to be honest and to my most absolute surprise, I am not happy about it ending. It has been an amazing journey!

I feel better than ever, inside and out. I have learned to look at life with positivity and optimism. I am sure that the endorphins now regularly released within my body (thanks to healthier and happier bacteria in my guts) have lots to do with this change.

I have also understood that I do not need to be constantly tired, even if I have a hectic life! Getting energy from plant-based nutritious sources is much more beneficial than nasty full of chemicals energy drinks. And to my despair, I used to drink at least one of those canned venom a day! I am disgusted just to think about it…

I am in love with my new me! I feel so grateful to Arbonne for its amazing products and its amazing values. But most importantly, I feel so grateful with myself for taking the chance to change, to develop, to grow and specially to love and proactively seek my own wellbeing.

I am very satisfied with this healthier and happier me. I am excited to see what the future holds as I am determined to continue this amazing journey to a healthier me and to continue to share it with all its ups and downs! I am passionate about my own personal development and about creating a healthy lifestyle for me and my family. I am even more passionate about helping others do the same and independently of your reasoning for starting and following your journey to a healthier life, I am ready to support you and your journey. Together we are stronger!


The change is being noticed

I always thought that I did not really care about other people’s opinions. In fact this journey has made me realise that whatever I would like to achieve in life has to come from me and has to be right for me. It is good, healthy and highly effective to stop and reflect on your goals in life.

Are your goals really from you and for you? If they are, congratulations. You are a truly strong and free soul in this world. However if they are not, don’t panic. You are not alone.

My journey to a healthier me it is not only weight management, it is also emotional healing and putting in place resources that would prevent me falling on the darkness again.

Thanks to the Arbonne healthy living plan, I am learning to nurture my body, to listen to its needs and to give my body the paramount importance that it has. But I am also experiencing a massive improvement on my energy levels, my focus and my mood. And to be honest, that is the part that I am loving the most.

People around me, family, friends, work colleagues, they have all started to notice the changes. Not only the weight loss (which I am also very proud off), but mainly my possitivity and my new take on life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a happy life, I have a lovely family and I have a great life. But I have had some darkness, like everyone else. However, recently that darkness was becoming the norm instead of the exception and it was just dragging me down.

But not anymore! I am in control of my life.

My journey is giving me a healthier lifestyle, which I love, and a healthier mindset, which I am falling in love more and more every second.

Happy to share some of my experiences and very happy to share the amazing business that is facilitating my incredible journey.


The fight against emotional eating

I don’t really know how to start this post. It is difficult for me to share this, but if I want to keep true to myself and to keep true to this journey, I need to post it.

There is no easy way to describe emotional eating, same as there is no easy way to describe emotional shopping. For me, food has been a way to seek comfort. Unfortunately, I find more comfort on greasy, salty or sugary food than on healthy food.

I do not think I am addicted to crap food. However I tend to look for it when I have had a crap day…

Working as a nurse in an intermediate management position means that coping with increasing demands, juggling workload pressures and enduring the backlash of unpopular decisions is the norm. Some people might think: well, that comes with the job. And it is true. However most people misses the toxicity of that. Whilst pressure is part of the job, coping with rumours, manipulated facts and specific staff trying to bring you down via damaging your professional reputation, should never be accepted as part of the job.

Thanks to the Arbonne 30-day plan to healthy living and beyond, I am learning again to love and care about my body. To nourish my body and feed my body with healthy food which will give me the most nutrients, energy and health.

But that is only one part of the picture. I also need to work on how certain toxic people and certain toxic environments in my life are affecting me. This is going to be a big challenge. But paramount if I want to be a healthier me.

I am quite lucky to have been able to attend staff support services for NHS staff. They are an amazing service and I cannot recommend it enough. I learnt so much about myself (and still learning), but mainly I have learnt to listen to myself. To not take my resilience for granted and to take time everyday to listen to my feelings and to how certaing people and certain situations make me feel. Sometimes I fo not have the answer, and that is absolutely fine. I do not need all the answers. I just need the commitment to keep working on finding them.

I would like to recommend the following book, which is the most honest and direct that I have ever read about the subject:

You cannot always detach yourself from toxic relationships, however you can learn how to cope with them.


The detox week

If you said to me those words in that order a few weeks ago, I would have run in the opposite direction before you even finished the sentence. Now, after finishing my first ever detox week, I feel better than ever. I am prepared to take on the world!

The beauty of this 30-day to healthy living, is that I am not only following instructions, I am actually learning to listen to my body. Sounds cheesy, I know. But it is the reality. I am learning to hydrate my body more frequently to ensure that when I am hungry, I am actually hungry. I am learning that clean eating helps my body to digest in an easier more effective way. Less bloating, more energy! I am learning that taking care of your body starts with the inside.

And what is more of “the inside” than your guts? That is precisely the focus of the detox week. Cleaning your guts to ensure they are as healthy as possible. It is like a car engine, you know. When a car engine is rusty or greasy in certain parts, makes the engine work harder to produce the same result. And yes a rusty engine can still make the car move, but why compromise it? Why make it work harder? It does not seem like the best option isn’t it?

I was very sceptical on day 1 of the detox week. I thought: there is no way that this very pleasant lemony gingery drink will do anything to my body. By day 3, I thought: where has my tummy gone? Love it! Literally love it! Not too strong to ensure you are not an slave of your own toilet routine, but strong enough to notice a real change.

Not afraid of embarking on a detox werk anymore, in fact looking forward to the next one!


The second week

Amazingly the second week of the plan has been a walk in the park! Literally (well, actually not literally, but you get the gist).

My body has embedded the routine of the plan and I have started to notice changes. My tummy feels better, less bloated. My energy levels are rocket high. I am loving it! My kids have noticed it as well. I am not the grumpy dwarf in the mornings anymore (I am not the cheshire cat either, let’s be honest). I feel more rested and ready to take face on the challenges of the day.

My skin is also feeling it. Not a single spot in the last 2 weeks! I am greatly surprised. But that is not it, not a single cold sore either! My body is definitely healthier, more in tune and happier. Yes, you heard it. I believe my body is happier. I am feeding my body with high quality plant-based products. I have eliminated several allergens from my diet and although I have not gone vegan, I have certainly reduced meat intake thanks to the amazing recipes shared on the Arbonne 30-day plan facebook group.

I am feeling very positive this week and that is a very empowering feeling that has evaded me for far too long. I am fully committed with this plan. Not because others expected me to lose weight or to look like this or like that, no. Because it makes me feel me again. This is definitely for me and because of me.

Moving forward with a clear goal: a healthier me!


First week, first struggles

I have completed the first week of the Arbonne 30-day plan. I am happy about my determination and overall positive attitude. However, there has been some difficulties that have definitely test my determination and commitment.

I am going to focus first on the positive aspects of this plan. The products are amazing! Easy to prepare, nice flavours and they keep me full. Another part that I really love is the freedom that they give you. You can prepare a shake anywhere or have a fizz stick on the go in your water bottle.

I have underestimated the satisfying feeling of freedom and definitely the power of kitchen cabinets. I know. You might be thinking: what on earth is she talking about? Let me explain. I am very sense driven with lots of emotional influence (lovely sentence, isn’t it?). Basically means that when I smell hot food, I tend to want it although 9 out of 10 times I am not even hungry. Or when I am stressed or angry, I look for food, sometimes I don’t even realise until I am already eating. But, if I am not going to the kitchen (work or home), I am not seeing or smelling the food. Therefore, the kitchen cabinets are not able to “call me” anymore, losing their power over me. To the point that now I am not even tempted when I fill my shaker with water at the work kitchen. I can say I am happier thanks to my new found freedom!

Unfortunately, like in any journey, it is not all nice and smooth. But I am a firm believer that you learn more from struggles and challenges than from smooth paths. My big struggle this week has been the nice weather. Nice weather at my home means BBQ time. And although we also cooked lean meat like chicken and we also cooked lovely asparagus and peppers, my eyes were continuously roaming the table eyeing all those things that are not in the plan but are part of any BBQ table. Believe it or not, my major temptation was All-i-oli (typical Catalan sauce similar to garlic mayo). At the end, I had a spoon of it. And after eating it, I started feeling guilt and shame. Usually those feelings start a domino effect on me and I eat even more unhealthy under the worthless excuse of: you have already eaten unhealthy, you will start again on Monday.

This time was different. This time I made a conscious effort of stopping the hamster wheel and I followed the advice from the Arbonne 30-day plan group coach (one of the perks of having a facebook group lead by an experienced Arbonne consultant). The advice was so simple that seems silly: enjoy the food, calm down, have an Arbonne herbal tea cup and remember why you started the plan in the first place.

Simple, isn’t it? And felt so natural, as well. What is more natural than having a cup of tea when you are worrying? Exactly! A step back, a lovely cup of tea and a bit of room for reflection is all we need sometimes. It was definitely what I needed to continue positive and strong on this brilliant journey.


First day

I am feeling very positive. I am ready. I am mentally prepared. I will crack this!

So far today has been a brilliant day. Vanilla and strawberry protein shake for breakfast. With a bit of extra fibre, which I can already tell it is working. I cannot remember the last time that my bowels were so active (in a kind of weird but nice way).

A lovely fizz stick at mid morning. It is refreshing and actually has helped forget the fact that so far I have not had any solid good yet.

For lunch an amazing chocolate protein shake. As a chocoholic, I can confirm this is pure bliss! Chocolate flavour at its best!

I am salivating now, just thinking about it…

Another fizz stick at mid afternoon. Fruity, refreshing and full of flavour. So far I really like the pomegranate (from the 2 flavours, I have tasted today, I know…).

After work, when I have arrived home and change from my uniform, it is my weak spot. Usually I just snack non-stop while the kids do some homework before evening activities/clubs. However today, I was not hungry. In fact, I felt fine and moreover not controlled by food. But just in case, I have taken the digestion plus stick with a glass of water. Not horrible flavour, but I would not choose it as a favourite either. And I have made myself a lovely cuppa with the Arbonne herbal tea.

And my cuppa and me have left the kitchen (not hungry, but I don’t need to be facing the temptation all the time either). It must be the first time, that I have sat on the sofa and relax 20mins while watching the news on the TV. Even my children asked me what is going on. My answer? It is my time, time for me to slow down and relax and I am liking it.

Definitely so far, 10 out of 10. More days like today!